Automated Trading Systems (or trading algorithms) were originally developed by hedge funds, for sophisticated investors. Now, thanks to Collective2, automated trading is available to regular humans. If you have a computer, and a brokerage account, and a pulse, well then - you're in business. (Even two out of three is okay.)

How it works

1. Pick a “system”

Use our System Finder to pick a an automated trading system. Stocks, options, futures, forex – we’ve got you covered.

2. Simulate it

You’d have to be nuts to start with real money. That’s why we give you a Simulated Brokerage Account, with $100,000 of imaginary money.

3. Track Results

Track each trading system’s performance, in real time, on a single web page.

4. Go live

When you’re ready, hook up your real, live brokerage account.

5. Step in

Just because it’s “automated” doesn’t mean you’re out of control. Step in when you want. Set your own stop-losses.

6. Share

Collective2 is the world’s most active automated-trading community. Over 78,000 members share algorithms and results. Learn from others. Share.

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