Global financial markets are increasingly interconnected, which requires sophisticated tools and information to help make informed trading decisions. Additionally, the relative value of asset classes is constantly in flux, driven by economic, geopolitical and natural events. In order to assess the historical relationships of assets, within the context of changing perceptions of relative value, market participants require robust tools and a broad array of content.

FutureSource Mobile offers a new channel for accessing up-to-the minute information on today’s markets, your watch list, charting, news and analytical tools, and more—all on your iPad. This solution is designed to complement your FutureSource desktop application, whether the new browser-based or terminal version. Using one account, you can access any of our platforms without paying duplicate exchange fees.
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FutureSource Mobile Overview

  • Home Page Customize your home page to view watch lists, detailed quotes, news and charts.
  • Watch List View both customized and shared watch lists from your FutureSource application for true mobility.
  • Detailed Quotes Get detailed quotes, including a chart for the markets that you are watching.
  • Charting & Analysis Chart and analyze the markets that are of interest to you.
  • Real-Time Streaming & Trending News Customize your news pane for breaking news on the global markets.
  • Options Board View in the money, near the money or out of the money options on futures markets.
  • Symbol Lookup Intuitively find symbols with full search capabilities.
  • Seamless Syncing Easily sync your iPad watch list with your FutureSource browser-based or desktop symbol lists.

Robust Entitlement Control

  • The same FutureSource account is used to log in to desktop and mobile, helping to ensure that a user is only logged in to FutureSource on one device at any given time. This mitigates the risk of being liable for dual exchange data usage (and associated fees).
  • The same window and data entitlements are used between desktop and mobile, so users will only see on mobile what they are entitled to in desktop.

Optimized Mobile Data Usage

  • WiFi and 3G/4G network compatibility
  • Users have control over data usage, allowing them to manage their cellular data costs

Rich User Interface and Gestures for the iPad

  • Portrait/landscape views
  • Standard iOS gesture usage makes the app easy to learn and use
  • Rich interactive controls and experience