You think fast. You've got your real-time data, TV and squawk box. But if you are still relying on a mouse to trade, then you're not trading in real-time.

It is time to trade faster!

Keyboard Trader is the futures trading software system for professional manual traders who want faster execution and better control, all while leveraging their human edge.

With an intuitive interface and connectivity to the industrys most popular, powerful APIs, Keyboard Trader is easy to use and configurable to your own trading style. Program hotkeys to execute the most important commands you use hundreds of times in a trading day.

No matter what futures contracts you trade or how you trade them, Keyboard Trader can help you improve your timing edge and capture opportunities before they disappear.

With just a few keystrokes, you can:

  • Trade off order flow with greater focus and concentration
  • Trigger orders for the products you want, regardless of active window
  • Manage risk by pressing single keys to add or liquidate positions on multiple products
  • Trade to one or many “target positions” and adjust an entire portfolio almost instantly
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