New! MarketDelta® integrated with CQG, TTnet and Rithmic!

MarketDelta® Charts(Standard) integrated with CQG
MarketDelta® Standard offers everything a trader requires in todays competitive markets. Our renowned Footprint® chart, advanced multi-pane charting, lots of technical indicators, trading from the charts, and so much more. Add the Market Profile® and Volume Profile enablement for added features.

With all the powerful technical analysis features you expect, MarketDelta Standard Edition sets the standard. We believe in giving more than you expect, not the bare minimum.

Traders choose MarketDelta with CQG because they trust the data's quality, accuracy, and reliability for 30 years! CQG continues to have the highest commitment to providing reliable accurate data. Primary and failover data centers worldwide ensure uninterrupted market data distribution. A data quality group monitors ther global data network 24 hours a day to ensure the customers get the clean data they need, when they need it.
new! MarketDelta® Charts(Standard)/CQG

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With all the powerful technical analysis features you expect, MarketDelta® Standard Edition sets the standard. We believe in giving more than you expect, not the bare minimum.

Chart Types

Multi-pane (17 styles), Footprint® (15 styles), Classic Footprint, Market Profile®, Day Bar, Point and Figure, Raw Tick, Three Line Break

Chart Styles

Bar, Candlestick, Connected Line, Continuous Line, Histogram, Invisible, % Change Bar, % Change Candle, % Change Line, Wickless Candles, Bi-Color Line, Day Change Candles, Day % Change Bars, Hig Low Bars, Point and Figure, Volume Profile, Footprint

Chart Periodicities (Intervals)

Ticks per bar, Time per bar (tick, min, daily, weekly, monthly), Range per bar, Change per bar, Volume per bar, Point and Figure (reversal bars), Renko,Delta, POC Volume, Volume Breakout, Delta Reversal, Heavy Sided, Price Delta.

Advanced Chart Features

  • Create/modify trading sessions
  • Multi-pane functionality
  • Multi-instrument in same chart functionality
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Add custom chart buttons to do just about anything
  • Layout toolbar to create workspaces
  • Floating windows (great for multi-monitors)
  • Link charts, instruments, periodicities
  • Global crosshairs - synchronized cross hairs across multiple charts
  • Trade from charts - MarketDelta Trader required.
  • Save chart as picture, chart definition, share chart with colleagues
  • Right click to export chart data, indicator data
  • Time and sales w/ volume filters
  • Much, much more.





Footprint® Chart Features

  • 15 Different Footprint Types - Bid/Ask™,  Delta™, Volume, % of Volume, Color Only, Volume (Delta color), % Volume (Delta color), Delta Profile, Footprint Profile, Delta %, Invisible, Average Size, Average size (Delta color), Delta x Total Volume, Bid x Ask Vol (Volume shading)
  • Historical Footprint charting capability
  • Customize color, height, width.
  • Option to shade text only; no Footprint background color.
  • Option to shade dominant side; used to monitor who is more active, buyers or sellers.
  • Playback data collected to watch and learn Footprint behavior.
  • Overlay one Footprint type on another chart type (see graphic at left).
  • Use on any periodicity, including non-time based.
  • Add technical indicators as overlay/underlays and as separate chart panes
  • Apply the volume filter to filter only for institutional volume.
  • Trade from the chart using Footprint data
  • Create chart buttons for quick trading or chart configuration changes


Chart Trading

  • 1 Click Trading from chart or DOM
  • Monitor working orders
  • Monitor positions
  • Drag and drop to amend orders
  • Use keyboard to amend working order price
  • Configure colors, fonts, etc.
  • Brackets, profit targets, stop loss, breakeven, and trailing stops


** Chart trading is available when used in conjunction with MarketDelta Trader.




  • Over 140+ technical indicators
  • Develop your own using RTL (Professional edition required)
  • Build indicators based on indicators
  • Set user defaults for indicators once preferences are to your liking
  • SDK for developing custom DLL's and calling them using the plugin indicators


Indicator Setting Features

  • Customize each indicator by color, line weight, line style
  • Label value in price scale
  • Draw as line, histogram, price box, and many more (if applicable)
  • Apply to all chart types, including Footprint® charts
  • Plot with any scaling method used in the MarketDelta
  • Apply indicator using underlying data of another symbol but plotted on pane of a different symbol.


Drawing Tools

  • Horizontal and vertical reference lines
  • Trend line and extend to future trendline
  • Parallel trend line
  • Fibonacci Retracement, Extensions, and Projections
  • Fibonacci Time Zones
  • Finonacci Arcs


  • Gann Angles
  • Spirals tool
  • Regression Line tool
  • Andrew's Pitchfork
  • Annotation Tool - Text,  markers, prices, RTL values
  • Rectangle / The Owl
  • Shape drawing tool
  • Info Data Box - open, high, low, close, bid, ask, sizes, last, change, technical indicator values.


Other Notable Features

  • Deep Historical charting capability, including tick, Footprint, and delta.
  • Playbackability for training and simulation
  • Quote pages, Custom Instruments (e.g. pairs, spreads, custom indexes, ratios)
  • Multiple chart scaling methods; use multiple scales at once.
  • Extremely efficient software; Low CPU usage.
  • Embedded database for extremely fast data access.
  • 24 hour email support; live support during U.S. market hours.