OFA has a long history of analytical tools into logic-driven processes to allow traders to understand the electronic markets rather than just being pawns in the game. Beginning with our industry-shattering method of dynamically measuring buyer and seller activity in the print, OFA continues to pioneer tick-by-tick volume-based analysis through astonishing chart studies and unparalleled training.

Because we at OFA are committed to improving our innovations and insights, we are proud to announce a new premier bundle of software and strategy training designed to provide a comprehensive path for order flow trading success.

Volume analysis has become a prominent trading methodology over the past several years, both in profiling and tick-by-tick order flow analysis. These two studies are natural compliments to each other, and as with any other development, OFA has taken it to the next level.

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As soon as you sign up, you will receive instant access to the OFA Premier Package toolset which includes everything you need:

  • OFAProfessional Edition
  • VCA Volume Cluster Analysis
  • Momentum Mapping Analysis
  • Exhaustion Mapping Analysis
  • VPA & CPA Profiling Analysis Tools
  • New! DPT (Decision Point Trading)

DPT has been specifically designed to enhance the course material and simplify the integrated use of the VPA and CPA profiling tools.