Ticker Quant is a software and Services company with Primary focus on providing technology solutions to the buy side community in proprietary trading houses, hedge funds, and brokerage houses. The company provides our clients with trading software for high speed, direct connectivity to world markets that support electronic trading.


  • Develop quant trading strategies and execute seamlessly from MatLab or other analytics tools.
  • Extend your trading platforms such as TT, IB and RTS back into your quant platforms
  • Compliant with all FIX enabled electronic exchanges
  • Low latency trading platform extensions
  • Extensibility without software development that bridges the Quant and Trading worlds seamlessly
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Q1: When trades are placed through MATLAB2TT interface, how do firms enforce risk controls?
Risk controls are enforced by TT software, and hence trades placed using MATLAB2TT go thru TT’s risk control module.

Q2: When trades are placed through MATLAB2TT interface, can firms cancel or modify those trades from out-side of MATLAB2TT?
Yes. Firms can use TT’s X_Trader GUI application to monitor and modify trades originally placed using MATLAB2TT

Q3: In order to use MATLAB2TT, does the firm using TT software need to license TT’s FIX adapter software in addition to TT’s X_Trader software?
Yes. In its current implementation, MATLAB2TT is implemented using TT’s FIX adapter, and hence firms need a licence of TT’s FIX adapter.

Market Data Miner

  • Five Deep and Ten Deep Order Book Data for all contracts – Millisecond level tracking
  • Complete Time and Sales Data
  • Support for Custom Fields extensions
  • Utilities and tools for advanced BI integrations and advanced Quant Shop Needs.
  • Extract, Transform, Slice and Dice Raw and processed data with extensible flexibility
  • Support for advanced data sets from CBOT, NyMex, CME, One Chicago and other Globex exchanges
  • Complete and IT Hassle free solution

Low Latency Fix Engines

  • Multi user, parallel computing enabled platform for trading
  • Leverage your exchange connections and scale cost effectively
  • Integrate into existing order and execution management systems
  • Fully FIX 4.2 compliant
  • Fully certified on CME/ICE and other advanced platforms
  • Complete turnkey solution with technology and platform support and services.