TraderPro gives you all you would expect from a top Technical Analysis system. There are dozens of charts and tools in the program, but here we summarise some of the features that make TraderPro a joy to use.


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TraderPro gives you all you would expect from a top Technical Analysis system. There are dozens of charts and tools in the program, but here we summarise some of the features that make TraderPro a joy to use.

  • The most powerful Technical Analysis system you will find, with all the TA tools you would expect, plus INDEXIA proprietary indicators and world class Point and Figure Charting. Real Time versions include Updata MarketHawk alerting and a programming language for testing your own custom indicators.
  • All the tools a fundamentals investor will need, access to Fundamentals data and scanning, Historical News data, Market Map, Trade analyser data, portfolio management and much more.
  • Why take our word for it? TraderPro is available for a free, no obligation trial that you can download from this site today.

Point & Figure

Of all the software systems we have looked at, no one does Point & Figure charts properly. TraderPro is perfect in this regard. One might expect this given that Jeremy du Plessis teaches the Point Figure module for the Qualification which admits members to the UK Society of Technical Analysts. Jeremy gives these lectures at South Bank University and is a world expert on this remarkably accurate form of analysis. His knowledge is truly in depth and this has gone into the software with meticulous testing. If you are already using Point & Figure charts with another Windows based system, the chances are it is wrong. The graph paper background on our Point & Figure charts make them easy to read, clearer to understand and more enjoyable to use. Try this and you’ll never look back. Our Point & Figure charts are not fixed, you can choose any box size and any reversal, including the one box reversal done in the manner originally intended. You can base these charts on close or high and low easily if you wish. There is even Log Scale Point & Figure. Find another system that does that. Our unique vertical and horizontal counts tool produce potential price targets which have an uncanny accuracy. Use these quick and easy count tools to highlight the best chart for using Point & Figure. No other chart can give you this price predicting accuracy.

Optimised Moving Averages

Not sure what type and which period works best? Our Moving Average Optimiser works it out for you and saves the results for use on the relevant chart. Our INDEXIA optimised moving averages have been around for years and we have extended this brilliant idea further in TraderPro. Rather than having just simple, weighted and exponential averages you can also have Adaptive Averages, Regression Averages and the world renowned Indexia Proprietary Moving Averages. These typically give you earlier signals providing an edge over other investors using ordinary tools. Our Moving Average Optimiser even tells you which combination of moving averages provide the most profitable returns for each individual stock. The difference in using optimised combinations of averages in profit terms is substantial. Of course these optimized combinations are changing all the time, so you need to run the Optimiser at regular intervals that are in line with your trading term. No two stocks are the same, so why use “hard-coded” analysis periods on everything. Most of all, don’t just guess which periods to use.


As with using optimised averages we advocate that you should chose your cycle period carefully for any periodic indicators to ensure you are sampling the history for your calculations appropriately. Our cycles measuring tools allow you to “best fit” cycles to a price history to help you choose the most appropriate period to use with your indicators. You can do Fibonacci cycles as well, where the periods expand at the Fibbonacci ratios.

Chart any Chart

As you get further into technical analysis, you find yourself wanting to produce charts to spot things that are not easily apparent in a price history. TraderPro’s ability to re-iteratively produce any chart of any chart is great for this. For instance most professionals look more closely at the market relative, yet few systems can carry out all the analysis on the relative as if it was the base price history. You may want to do your analysis on an RSI of a Relative Strength chart. What is really great is that each progressive chart produced can be analysed further as if it was the base chart, without any complex manipulation. All your trend analysis will work on that chart, you can even do a Point & Figure of a moving average of a short term indicator. Once you have found a set of derived charts like this that you like, you can save them for reuse and watch them update live. Volume Volume adds another dimension to technical analysis and TraderPro has some great tools to help you factor trading volume in to your decisions. Most systems let you average the Volume, but tools such as Candle Volume and Equivolume are not so common. These charts combine price and volume movement into a very visual understanding of what volume means in each case. Positive and Negative Volume Index is available along with our unique Indexia Volume Action charts. Don’t forget of course, that as you can chart any chart, you can even carry out full technical analysis of a volume chart as if it was a price history.

Gann, Elliot & Indicators

Gann & Elliot Wave theorists are well catered for. Gann Angles and Gann Squares, Gann Retracements and Wave charts are all in. Wave charts are fabulous and we really recommend you experiment with them. Part of the problem with so much detail sometimes, is seeing the wood for the trees. A wave chart simply takes out all the small moves. For instance, Arm spent three years going up without falling back more than 5%. On a 5% wave chart that is a straight line that just keeps pointing up until there is a reversal greater than this chosen percentage. If you find you don’t act on stoplosses, try using Wave charts too. Our Proprietary Noise Eliminator is great for removing unnecessary detail to expose the underlying trend. Running it progressively until there is no noise left to be removed is highly satisfying. Then you can carry out any analysis you wish on your new “noise free” chart. All your favourite indicators now calculated on this data invariably give you much clearer signals. As you would expect with the best Technical Analysis system, there is a whole host of indicators from the Indexia Action Oscillator right through to Williams Accumulation Distribution. We suggest you try them all to find what works for you. Then you can easily sort them in the system’s menus in order of your favourites. Have a go at using the lndexia Market Tracker, we are pretty confident you will use it all the time once you get the hang of it.