Veritian is a powerful trading platform designed and built from the ground-up to be the best solution for trading technology. The Veritian trading platform, TRADEr, and professional services are built on decades of experience delivering complex enterprise solutions to top-tier financial firms across all realms of the company.

How it works

Veritian’s TRADEr is an analytical algorithmic trading platform. TRADEr is fully integrated into the Veritian Platform environment that will help analyze, develop and trade.

Great technical and analytical skills, combined with strong support, is central to the principals of Veritian and TRADEr is a part. Customers choose Veritian to deliver their complex financial and trading requirements.
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Veritian Features &

  • Easy to Use
  • Broker Neutral
  • Direct Market Access (DMA)
  • Smart Order Routing & Framework
  • FIX & FAST
  • High-speed & Low-latency
  • Common Market Data Adapters
  • Real-Time Risk Management
  • Seamless Platform Migration
  • Custom Implementation Friendly

Integrated Tools

  • Veritian ANALYZEr
  • Development (FIXer & REPLAYer)
  • Trade Monitoring
  • News Reader
  • Instant Messenger & IRC
  • Market Surveillance (OVERSEEr)
  • Margin & Settlement Details (OVERSEEr)
  • Compliance (OVERSEEr)
  • Reporting